Brain injury can result in many different symptoms.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms below after being abused or if a symptom has gotten worse after the incident, you may have received a brain injury.

SleepMood Disruptions
HeadacheBalance ProblemsDifficulty ConcentratingSleeping More Than UsualMore Emotional
Nausea and VomitingDizzinessDifficulty RememberingSleeping Less Than UsualIrritable
Slowed Reaction TimeEye Strain/
Symptoms with Eye Movement
ConfusionTrouble Falling AsleepSad
Sensitivity to LightFuzzy or Blurry VisionFeeling
“Mentally Foggy”
Trouble Staying AwakeNervous/
Sensitivity to SoundMotion SensitivityFeeling Slowed DownFeeling Fatigued or DrowsyDepressed
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