The Illinois Coalition to Address Intimate Partner Violence-Induced Brain Injury

Our Mission

Our vision is to bring focus to the intersection of brain injury and intimate partner violence, both of which are under-reported and under-treated public health issues that affect millions.  People who experience intimate partner violence receive multiple blows to the head and/or strangulation which most certainly results in brain injury. 

The brain injury can give rise to multiple symptoms that affect their daily lives, ability to coordinate and receive services, and make decisions about their situation.  Bringing attention to the intersection between brain injury and intimate partner violence is necessary to deliver customized therapies to address these symptoms, as well as ensure that service providers understand and consider the impact a brain injury can have in their work to assist the survivor. We promote systemic change through education, research, services, and advocacy to break down barriers that stand in the way of survivors’ health, well-being, and optimal quality of life.

Who We Are

Dorothy Kozlowski

Sonya Crabtree-Nelson

Kate Lawler

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